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Glucosamine sulfate 500 milligram per tablet. Chondroitin sulfate 400 milligram per tablet. Manganese sulfate 10 milligram (comparable to 3,25 milligram mangane) per tablet. Ascorbate (vitamin-C) 100 milligram per tablet.

To be used when increased supply of glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate are required. Manganese sulfate and ascorbate are added for an improved support of cartilage function.

The recommended intake is 2 tablets each day.

The tablets can be taken with water, but may be divided or crushed before ingestion without reduction of their efficiency. The daily intake may be taken all at once.


Side effects:
Mild symptoms from the intestinal tract may appear.

The tablets should be stored and handled in the original packaging and kept at temperatures less than 25 degrees.





Prices (incl.shipping):
30 for 60 tablets. When three containers with 60 tablets are ordered we allow a discount of 3 euro per container.
Therefore, the price for three containers is €81 (euro)
(3 x

The amount can be paid by cheque or money order to:

Nutri-Net Ltd.,
Unit 622
IDA Industrial Estate


We send the goods by post to your address within one week after payment.

Please write clearly your name and address and the number and name of goods to be delivered with the money order or cheque.




Glusamin Combi
60 tablets
€30 (euro)
Glusamin Combi
3 x 60 tablets
€81 (euro)

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